地震英语作文 篇一

Earthquake is a natural disaster that can occur suddenly and without any warning. It is caused by the sudden release of energy in the earths crust, which results in a shaking and vibration of the ground.

Earthquakes can be extremely destructive, and can cause widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure. They can also trigger other natural disasters, such as landslides, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

There are various ways in which people can prepare for an earthquake, such as creating an emergency kit, securing furniture and belongings, and developing an evacuation plan. However, in the event of a large earthquake, there may not be much that can be done to prevent damage and destruction.

It is important for people to be aware of the risks of earthquakes in their area, and to take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their families. By staying informed and prepared, we can help minimize the impact of this powerful natural disaster.

英语作文 篇二

Gym Class

Out of all my classes, I particularly like gym class. Why? Because in gym class you can have fun and get out in the fresh air. We play baseball, basketball, football and practice running. It's fun. When you are defeated, you can't lose hope because failure is the mother of success. And when you are victorious, you will be happy. I like gym class. I really like it.

四川地震英语作文 篇三


If you have received possibly have the earthquake warning, continuesto maintain listens to the local broadcasting station newest reportand the suggestion, like the suggestion switches off the liquid gas,the power source. Greatly but the heavy object from high will put onto take away. The jar, the glass, the chinaware and other brittlethings admit in the low cabinet, the baggage shelf should have keepsoff the hand by to prevent the object whereabouts. The cabinet gateshould shut tightly, moves away to be hanging the object. Belowprepares the goods by to prepare urgently needs: Fresh fresh water andemergency food, flashlight, fire extinguisher. Is far away thesepossibly to fall is pounding your thing, possibly can eradicate inoutdoors trees, in the small town construction even if enough issturdy cannot destroy, the chippings also possibly fall. Runs awayspacious to place most ideal, but if does not have the enough time,stays is possibly safer in the room, on the avenue speech, the gaspiping or the electric wire which bursts can increase the risk. Passesin and out the human is most dangerous, extremely easily is wounded bythe building in bricks and stones.

In room: When the earthquake occurs, if in the indoors, stays ininside, extinguishes the fire, is far away the glass is specially thebig window (including mirror and so on). In the room quoin or has thegood strut internal way is good seeking asylum place. Perhaps the lowground or the basement can provide the best survival opportunity.Hides in under the table bottom or other firm furniture, this not onlycan provide the protection to you, moreover also has the big breathspace. When store, is far away the big cargo exhibition hall, thesecargos possibly can drop down. Also is loaded with the elevator in themultilayered building in the office, in-situ hides in the desk bottom.Do not enter the elevator, the staircase also possibly can crowd thepanic-stricken people

Che Zhong: As far as possible quickly and safely stops - but stays inthe vehicle may avoid hit by the whereabouts object. Crouches inhiding under the seat, if has the thing to fall on the vehicle, youwill be able to obtain the protection. When vibrates stops down, theattention observation obstacle and possibly appears danger: Destroyedthe electric cable, damages the path and collapses bridge.Outdoors: When outdoors lie in the ground, do not have to run. Thiscan throw down, also possibly is embezzled by the crack. Is far awaythe big construction. Toward underground walk or do not enter thegallery, this can cause to be stranded. Like you already prepared tothe outdoors, did not return to in the building. The earthquake causesany construction not too to be all reliable for the first time, ifthen again occurs slightly shakes, the building can cave in. Is saferto the summit. In the pitch earth stone is easy to fall, if crushes bythe number thousand ton heavy soil block or the rock (they to havefearful speed), very little has the opportunity which fortunatelysurvives. Rolls equally on the place like the ball changes thesurvival.

Beach place: So long as under the cliff cannot the suitable security,but because the tsunami follows the earthquake but to come frequently,therefore after vibrates stops leaving the beach as soon as possibleto the higher open field shift. The aftershock risk did not like thetsunami to be so fearful.

关于地震的英语作文 篇四

The worst earthquake in Japan's recorded history left a trail of blazing buildings, inundated coastal communities, wrecked roadways and potentially unstable nuclear power plants. But it barely made a dent in the implacably Japanese trait of exhibiting concern for others even in the worst of circumstances.

The Japanese language is full of ritual apologies, uttered so often as to become almost meaningless: I am about to make a nuisance of myself — please excuse me! Some of this is a matter of mere formality. But at a time of crisis, such politesse can be the glue that holds the country together.

Even though Friday's magnitude 8.9 quake was shocking and discombobulating, few would imagine burdening a stranger with their anxieties.




地震慰问信英语 篇五

Dear xxx:

Nothing can be worse that hearing the news that your motherland, Japan, has been striken by the earthquake from the news report and broadcast, I can see your countrymen suffering disaster and disease. And you are even under the threat of nuclear radition leak. However, I can firmly convinced that you will defeat the disaster and rebuild our city.

Three years ago, our mother land was also in the same situation as yours. The great earthquake which happened in Wen Chuan took thousands of lives instantly. At the moment, numerous children lost their parents and bwecame orphans, hundreds of families were broken, and all the people there felt helpless and frightened.

Fortunately, lots of rescue workers rushed to the area and worked around the clock, and meanwhile supplies were being sent to there from all directions. With the help from all Chinese people, the victims finally survived, and they also became self-confident. In a word, as a developed country, your motherland Japan has the ability to rescue the victims. In addition, you needn’t to be worried about your future.

Everything will be fine soon. I will also try my best to help you and your family. God bless you!

Yours sincerely,




地震的英语作文 篇六

BEIJING, May 14 (Xinhua) -- The worst quake-hit areas in southwest China will see rainfall cease and can expect a cloudy sky in the next two days starting from Wednesday night, according to the National Meteorological Center (NMC) forecast.

But there could be more rain in Wenchuan, Dujiangyan and Beichuan on Saturday and Monday, which would hamper the rescue efforts.

The southern part of Sichuan Province will get more rain, or even heavy rain and thunderstorms in some areas, in the next three days, the agency said.

It also warned that previous rainfall, coupled with the devastating quake, would raise the danger of further landslides, collapses, or mud-rock flows.

Landslides along with other damages caused by the quake had cut roads leading to the worst-hit areas, blocking rescue efforts as well.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain also forced the military forces to call off a planned parachute troops and supplies into Wenchuan on Tuesday.

The 7.8-magnitude quake that rocked southwest China had already claimed more than 14,000 lives and the death toll is still expected to rise.

地震的英语作文 篇七

Teachers and fellow students, As we all know, an 8.0 earthquake broke out at 2:28pm on May 12th in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province.

It’s reported that the earthquake was so strong that it has caused 68,109 deaths and 364,552 people were hurt. Many houses and schools were destroyed and as a consequence, more than five million people are living a hard life now. Just imagine how the students there need help and that schools should be built so that students can return to classes soon.

People all over the world are trying their best to help them, not excepting us. Here Students’ Union calls on everyone to give away your old clothes and pocket money and bring your used books, mp3s or something else to sell in the bring-and-buy sale. All the materials and the money to be collected will be sent to the earthquake stricken areas as soon as possible. My fellow friends, “blood is thicker than water”(血浓于水)。 Please donate your love and give out your hands without hesitation.

We believe miracles can be created, a great many lives will be saved and the harmonious society is sure to be achieved. That’s all. Thank you!

防震减灾的英语作文 篇八

The cause of the earthquake is: the development of uneven surface and external conditions of the earth's crust, the heat generated in the earth's crust can not be distributed smoothly and evenly, causing the occurrence of the earthquake. So it is necessary to develop earthquake resistance scientifically. We in addition to the popularization of seismic knowledge, earthquake prediction, but also in the construction of efforts and so on.

The earth is our beautiful home, but sometimes there will be some accidents, only by our positive face, development of science and technology, for the benefit of mankind, can we live happily in this beautiful home.



防震减灾的英语作文 篇九

In 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan destroyed about 500 thousand square kilometers of China's land, which was devastating and costly. In order to cope with the heavy disaster, every one of us should set up a sense of disaster prevention and reduction, and strive to minimize the loss and damage caused by the disaster.

We must know that when earthquakes occur, we must remain sober, calm, and timely judge the state of vibration. Secondly, it can be avoided under the solid furniture or corner, and can also be transferred to the kitchen with large load walls, small open rooms and toilets for temporary sheltering. Because these areas have strong binding force and good supporting force, and the seismic coefficient is large. In short, according to the layout and indoor conditions of buildings, we can check the situation and find safety space and passages to avoid and reduce casualties.

Now, we have a shockproof teaching building, and there are good shockproof equipment. If we encounter an earthquake in school, we can only escape in time if we obey the teacher's command. In the playground or outdoors, you can squatting down, keep your head in both hands, and avoid tall buildings or dangerous things. Never go back to the classroom.

If we are indoors, we will not be able to panic when we encounter an earthquake. The triangular space formed after the collapse of indoor houses is often the best place for us to take refuge. The place where the interior is easy to form the triangle space is usually: the edge of the Kang and the solid furniture; the inner wall, the wall and the corner; the kitchen, the toilet, the storage room and so on.

In public places, we can listen to the direction of the staff at the scene, avoid crowding, avoid many areas, and avoid trampling. Attention should also be paid to avoid falling objects such as chandeliers and fans.

In fact, some disasters can be prevented. Before the earthquake, there will be some omen. For example, a horse, such as a horse, will break away from the reins and try to run outside; the hibernating snakes will rush out of the hole; the bees will fly and escape; the fish want to jump out of the water and so on, which can let people know that the earthquake is going to happen in advance. If animals are found to have such abnormal phenomena, they must first distinguish the true from the false, and then report to the Seismological Bureau, so as to prevent them from leaving early, and to reduce casualties.

When an earthquake occurs, there are a lot of self rescue methods: earthquake, if it is under the ruins, do not blindly move, to calm down, first draw out the hands, slowly move the ruins, first to keep the smooth breathing, and try to seek help. If you are pressed under heavy objects, do not consume too much physical help, try to find some metal objects and wait for rescue. Disasters are not terrible. As long as people enhance their awareness of prevention, they can reduce the losses caused by disasters.

Earthquake is our inevitable disaster, but as long as we face the right escape, we will not be afraid of the devil.









地震的英语作文 篇十

On May 12th,a powerful earthquake measuring on the Richter Scale has attacked the village which was called Wenchuan in Sichuan

I surfed the Internet from morning till night to see what were happening in that I fell very distressed that when I saw the pictures 。The whole villages were wiped out by the terrible Hundreds of people lost their lives or were rendered But fortunately, millions of people home or broad have given freely in response to the appeal for the victims of the

I hope all of us can try our best to help the victims out of this terrible disaster as soon as

China is a great nation!Chinese are all great people!Great Chinese must defeat all the difficulties they meet at last!

I believe and bless you——China—— my great motherland!

In the sound of the whistle, the May meeting of rain and This is a sad moment: the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, lovers, teachers, students, friends, colleagues, neighbours… … to at 14:28 on May 12 before the dull, busy, hope,Disappointed, sad, happy…… those beutiful

Todays Wenchuan Festivals, it is only a short Life, not just breathing and Mans bitterest sorrows are separation and death not the lives of the Pro-people did not leave, everything will In the ruins of the baby crying sound, called a “Wenchuan” new life, born























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