高一英语作文 篇一

Recently,a popularserioushot topic es into the eyes of our universalbodies as the cartoon depicts。 From the picture,we can see that a middle-agehousewife,perplexed and terrified,is picking out her daily diet from a pile ofundesirable things,such as illegal-cooking oil,fruits with excessive pesticideand the like.

It seems that there are many factors can be mentioned and accounted forthis kind of case,and in my perspective,the followings are the obvious andhave a far-fetching influence. On the one hand,the merchants in an increasingnumber are aiming at maximizing their profits with the minimal principal in thewider ranges of petitive and more open social background。 On the other hand,itis the inplete system of law that has less supervision of the producing andprocessing of modities.

Considering all the points discussed,it is highly sensible that we shouldtake prompt measures to resolve this problem. In the first place,more betteringpolicies should be brought forward.In the second,more moral schooling should beapplied in all munities。 Only by enforcing these measures,can we effectively,efficiently,and eventually solve the problem.

高一英语作文 篇二

Directions: You want to study further for a Master’s degree and you are preparing for the entrance exam. Since you have difficulty in English, you should write a letter around 100 words to ask for help from your good friend Fang.You do not need to write the address.

Dear Fang,

I am sorry that I have to ask a favour of you, with the hope that you will be kind to help me.

I have been longing to apply for the entrance examination for MA candidates for a long time because I want to pursue advanced studies.Unfortunately I find myself far from the required standard, especially my very poor English. At this moment, the personal friendship leads me to approach you with the request, whether you can manage to give me some constructive guidance. I promise to be a diligent student. If you agree, I will come to your house once a week at a time most convenient to you.

Thank you very much for your kind help on many occasions in the past.

Your friend,& nbsp;

Thank you very much for your kind help on many occasions in the past.

高一的英语作文 篇三

My hometown is located at the outside of the city.

I was born and grew up there. It was a little village with natural scenery of green mountains, a beautiful river and lovely village houses. In the summer, I liked to go to picnic under the mountain and swim in the river.

But now my hometown has changes. The mountains were blown down to build the factories, and the river was polluted by the waste water from those factories. There are no more green mountains but the smoking factories. The water of the river turns black and stinks, and I can never swim in it again. The village houses are gone too, and the ugly storied houses with walls are instead.

I don’t like the changes of my hometown, it is a polluted hometown.

高一英语作文 篇四

Nature is the mother of mankind. We get almost everything from her. We live on natural food. We make clothes from natural materials. And we build our houses of stone and wood. However, with the development of human beings, man has destroyed the balance of nature. Water, air and soil have been badly polluted. Some kinds of animals and plants have died out completely.

As a result, man is being punished by nature. Many people suffer a lot from all kinds of diseases caused by pollut《泡面作文·www.paomian.net》ion. We should treat nature well and she will look after us.

高一的英语作文 篇五

Stress comes in all shapes and size, and has become pervasive, it seems topenetrate everything and everybody, it's hard to get through a day withouthearing or reading something about stress. Some doctors refer to stress as somekind of new plague. However, numerous surveys confirm that the problemhas progressively risen since the 1980s.

Why all the disorder? After all, stresshas been around since Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, Stress is anunavoidable consequence of life. Without stress, there would be no life.However, just as distress can caw disease, there are good stresses that balancethis, and promote wellness.

高一英语作文 篇六

This summer holiday, I went to Dalian with my family. We got there by air. Dalian is a very beautiful and modern city. On the bus, we could see all kinds of buildings which were great.

In the morning, we got to the hotel where we lived. After breakfast, we began to our travel. First we took the bus to the Sea Park. There are so many different kinds of fishes that I couldnt believe my eyes. We also saw the show of dolphins. Then we had lunch in a restaurant. The seafood which was very famous in China was delicious.

After lunch we went swimming. The sea was blue and beach was golden. We all enjoyed ourselves in the sea. Finally we went back the hotel where we lived. We had a happy day.

In this trip, we also went to some places which were interesting and famous in Dalian, went shopping and so on.

Several days later, we left Dalian. On our way home, we were very happy. This was the reason why we didnt feel tired. In all, we had a good holiday.

An Unforgettable Experience.

高一的英语作文 篇七

Dear Jack,

I'm glad to have received your e-mail but I am sorry you are having some trouble in making friends.

In my opinion, friendship is one of the most important things in everyone's life because without friends we will suffer loneliness. If you would like to take my advice, you'll win real friendship. First, why not communicate with your friend when possible and tell him/her what you think about friends and friendship and let him/her know that you want to make friends with him/her. Secondly, you should learn to share your happiness and sorrow with your friends. Thirdly, it would be a good idea if you like to invite him/her to join in some activities such as swimming and ball games, which can make you learn to appreciate your friends and cherish your friendship.

I hope you will find these opinions and ideas useful.

Best wishes!

高一的英语作文 篇八

You let me know who is the most unforgettable? You must guess not to come out. Because I am a is the most unforgettable person I met a stranger.

His early twenties, black hair, big eyes, and strong body. Although we only met once, but he saved my life.

Remember it was a Sunday, I rode a car go out to play, never thought to come back, but have a thrilling experience.

The day was over, I walk on my way home by bike. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows, I was lost her eye sand. I quickly one hand cycling, vacate a hand to rub the eyes. Unexpectedly, when I was rubbing your eyes, road in front of a big stone, the front wheel "MAO" hit the rocks, I was a snap of the car is planted into the stream. I cry, "help", while fluttered with both hands, trying to stop the body of the sinking. But everything is useless, the body still continue to sink. At that moment, I saw an uncle walked to come over, I use the energy of the last cried: "help." And then what all dont know.

After wake up, I found that I have been on the shore, uncle in my side to protect me. I said to his uncle: "thank you." He said: "dont mention it. That is all I should do." So he turned to go, I asked: "what is your name?" He ignored me, and go.

Uncle, I think this kind of self-sacrifice, selfless fearless spirit is worth my study. He saved me, but leave calmly. Until now, I still hard to forget about him, but still dont know his name.







高一英语作文 篇九

Different people have different opinions about what a good friend shouldbe. My classmates think that good friends are supposed to share happiness andhelp each other. However, not everyone can share sadness with you. Those peopleare not real friends.

I think good friends can consider things while standing in your shoes. Theyalso think about other people. They put other people as priority instead ofthemselves. Good friends should be honest, kind and have a sense ofresponsibility. Without honesty, people cannot trust each other and they cantshare their deepest thoughts or secrets. Good friends should also be goodlisteners. They can hear your sadness and help you go through the bad feelings.You can always trust your good friends.

In short, I think good friends should be kind and honest. They should alsobe willing to help you and share your sadness.























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